Dawn Hummingbird & Dusk Tomahawk Reversible bucket hat

Embrace the dual essence of nature’s elegance and warrior’s resolve with the Dawn Hummingbird & Dusk Tomahawk Reversible Bucket Hat.

One side flourishes with the vibrant flight of a hummingbird at sunrise, while the other bears the bold symbol of a tomahawk adorned with feathers at dusk.

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Dawn Hummingbird & Dusk Tomahawk Reversible bucket hat : The Dual Essence of Nature’s Elegance and Warrior’s Resolve

RevArtiCap presents the “Dawn Hummingbird & Dusk Tomahawk Reversible Bucket Hat,” a canvas of wearable art that encapsulates the essence of dual worlds. This exclusive design, created by the renowned French “Prompt Artist” Tubalben, invites you to traverse the realms of natural beauty and tribal valor.

Dawn Hummingbird Side

The Dawn Hummingbird side captures the serene beauty of a hummingbird in flight, set against the backdrop of a rising sun. This imagery, inspired by Native American tribal art, symbolizes joy, resilience, and the renewal of life. The vibrant colors and detailed patterns mimic the bird’s dynamic energy and the morning’s hopeful glow, creating a wearable piece of art that speaks to the soul of nature enthusiasts and optimists alike.

Dusk Tomahawk Side

Flip the hat, and you’re greeted by the Dusk Tomahawk design—a powerful representation of strength and protection. Adorned with feathers, the tomahawk stands against a twilight backdrop, embodying the warrior spirit. This side pays homage to the rich heritage and artistry of Native American tribes, offering a piece of history woven into the fabric of modern style.

Fabric and Feel
Crafted with a synthetic fabric that remarkably resembles the texture of linen, this hat offers the best of both worlds. While its surface is rough and slightly irregular, mimicking the natural, grainy characteristic of linen, it also boasts the durability and ease of care of synthetic materials. The fabric captures the matte, slightly raw look typical of linen, along with its freshness, suppleness, and lightness, making it a practical yet stylish choice for any adventurer.

Wear Your Imagination, Reverse Your Style

With the “Dawn Hummingbird & Dusk Tomahawk Reversible Bucket Hat,” RevArtiCap invites you to wear your imagination and reverse your style at a moment’s notice. This piece is not just a hat; it’s a statement of flexibility, artistry, and personal expression.


Tubalben (French “Prompt Artist”): “Tubalben, a pioneer in the world of prompt artistry, has revolutionized the way we perceive and engage with art. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for cultural narratives, Tubalben’s work seamlessly blends traditional themes with contemporary design, creating pieces that are not only visually stunning but also rich in story and meaning.


This reversible bucket hat is made especially for you as soon as you place an order, which is why it takes us a bit longer to deliver it to you.
Making products on demand instead of in bulk helps reduce overproduction, so thank you for making thoughtful purchasing decisions!

RevArtiCap transforms exclusive French art into versatile fashion with our reversible bucket hats.

Each piece undergoes a dual-step journey: first, vibrant designs are permanently infused into fabric via advanced sublimation printing. Then, our European artisans handcraft each hat, ensuring durability and a unique statement. Embrace art, flexibility, and style in one innovative accessory.

Experience Authenticity with a Scan on Your RevArtiCap
QR code RevArtiCap.com Each RevArtiCap reversible bucket hat features a unique QR code, seamlessly blending with our distinctive logo. This isn’t just a symbol; it’s your assurance of authenticity and a direct link to our exclusive world. By scanning the QR code, you affirm your cap’s genuineness and unlock insights into its artistic journey. Dive into the stories behind our unique designs and connect with the RevArtiCap community.
Wear Your Imagination, Reverse Your Style – with every scan, embrace the artistry and authenticity that set your RevArtiCap apart.

Material: Linen-like fabric (100% polyester). Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. Sublimation printing. Tear-off care label.

Available in 2 sizes
Fabric is OEKO-TEX 100 certified.

First, prefer use cold water to wash your reversible bucket hat. If you really want use hot water the maximum temperature not to be exceeded is 30°C for your Fisherman’s hat.
Second, don’t use bleach or other strong detergent products. Like Don’t to use harsh cleaning products on your sun hat.
Third, do not put your reversible bucket hat in a hot dryer. School hang drying is always the best.

Washing: 30°C maximum normal process
Dry cleaning: do not dry clean
Bleaching: do not bleach
Drying: do not tumble dry

This size guide shows measurements taken when products are laid flat. Actual product measurements may vary by up to 1″ as they are custom-made by hand.

S/M 23⅜ inches / 59,37 cm 3½ inches / 8,89 cm 2¾ inches / 6,985 cm
L/XL 25 inches / 63,5 cm 4 inches / 10,16 cm 2¾ inches / 6,985 cm

Two-In-One Style

Flip the hat for a brand-new look, perfect for those who love variety.

Artistic Innovation

Each design is inspired by various themes like contemporary art, geek culture, nature, and more.


Created by a French "Prompt Artist," every pattern is unique to RevArtiCap. You won’t find these designs anywhere else.

Quality Craftsmanship

Durable materials and excellent craftsmanship ensure long-lasting wear.

Diverse Collections

Choose from a wide range of styles and themes to suit your personality or mood.

Conversation Starter

Unique designs that are sure to get people talking.